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This time last year we were weary of the pandemic and looked towards the New Year with hope and optimism. Unfortunately, 2021 was a rinse and repeat of 2020 with more lockdowns and greater restrictions imposed upon everyone. In 2022, we can take the skills we have already learnt to build greater resilience and capability to manage the challenges of the year to come.

Initially many of us relished the perceived freedom of working from home. Though very quickly our entire day was focussed on our work, which raised feelings of overwhelm and burnout. Instead of rolling out of bed and directly into your first Zoom meeting for the day, begin to create a morning routine. Our brains thrive on predictability and certainty. We no longer have the transition time that the daily commute used to provide, so creating morning and evening routines will put back the much-needed structure in our days.

During the last two years, coaching many people through the pandemic, I’ve developed quick and easy strategies that have proven very effective to support those experiencing anxiety, stress and depression.

Join me for a free half-hour lunch’n’learn session to discover these strategies and learn how to rewire your brain to deal with life’s challenges with a positive outlook, and not be paralysed with a negative mindset.

The next session, We all want to be happy and successful…Yes?, is offered online on Wednesday 19th January, 2022, at 12.30pm. Free tickets are available through Eventbrite:

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