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The importance of ANZAC Day to Australians can be traced back to the ANZAC legend that emerged from the Gallipoli campaign in 1915. The ANZACs were part of a larger Allied force that was attempting to capture the Gallipoli peninsula in modern-day Turkey from the Ottoman Empire. The campaign was a costly failure, with heavy losses on both sides, but the bravery and courage of the ANZAC soldiers left a lasting impression on the Australian psyche.

ANZAC Day provides an opportunity for Australians to come together and remember the sacrifices made by their forebears. It is a day to honour the memory of the fallen soldiers, to pay tribute to the veterans who have served their country, and to reflect on the impact of war on society. It is also an opportunity to recognise the unique qualities of the ANZAC spirit, which include courage, endurance, and mateship.

ANZAC Day is a deeply significant day for Australians. It provides an opportunity to remember and honour the sacrifices made by the troops, and to celebrate the unique qualities of the ANZAC spirit. It is a day that is immersed in tradition and symbolism, but it is also a day that is relevant to contemporary Australian society. By commemorating ANZAC Day, Australians can connect with their past and show their support for current serving members.

Our dawn service will commence at 5am and the march will commence at 9.15am on the corner of
Bay Terrace and Clara Street, Wynnum, followed directly by the wreath laying ceremony and service.
For your inclusion in the march please contact our subbranch at [email protected]. If you wish to lay a wreath at our 9.45am service, please see reception or call us on 3396 7333, or email [email protected].

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