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In recent years, and especially in the post-COVID environment we live in today, loneliness and increasing isolation have become all-too-common problems faced by elderly men in aged care facilities around Australia, many of whom have fewer options for social interactions as time passes.

Circle of Men is a not-for-profit charity where dedicated male volunteers support elderly men living in selected aged care facilities throughout Brisbane south and the Redlands area. Their purpose is to reduce social isolation and loneliness via a weekly companionship and support program.

Each session is led by an experienced volunteer facilitator and consists of a “How are you going?” check-in, typically dealing with depression, grief, anger, loss, boredom, or fear, before having a great time cracking jokes, reminiscing, and often singing familiar songs.

Many men enter an aged care facility as a last resort, after they’ve lost their health, mobility, and final network of support. For 90 minutes each week, Circle of Men volunteers provide friendship, build trusting relationships, and break through that wall of isolation.

Circle of Men has no religious or political affiliations and welcomes new volunteers. For more information, contact secretary Kevin James at 0490 105 715 or email [email protected].

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