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Pictured: Skateboarders Joel, Lloyd and Taylor take a break from honing their skills at Cleveland Skatepark.

What’s new for you this year?

January is a time for fresh plans and goals and to map out journeys – where will yours take you? Perhaps you’ll learn a new skill, join a club, make new friends and make the most of your community? There’s so much on offer in the Redlands, from art to archery, skateboarding to snooker, to friendship clubs and community hubs.

And when December 2024 rolls around, you might be celebrating the year that was with new friends, practising a new skill, and looking back at all your achievements that you never thought possible.

Kane Stewart of Pop Eyes Skate Shop is sharing his passion for skateboarding through free workshops held at local skateparks throughout the year. Kane aims to bring the passion for skateboarding back to the Redlands. He’s just one of the people in our community mentoring people of all ages to build skills and connections at our local hubs (more on page 8).

As a publication powered by people in the community, we can’t wait to share more stories with you this year, and look forward to showcasing more clubs, events and people in the Redlands who make it a wonderful place to live.

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