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Brisbane Seniors Online is seeking new volunteer mentors and new learners in the Redlands.

Brisbane Seniors Online has been operating in the greater-Brisbane and Redlands areas for over 20 years. The not-for-profit community group provides home computer tuition to seniors and over 50s using empathetic male and female volunteer mentors. Learners are taught the use of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, Apple devices, Android and smart phones.

With the closure of bank branches and shopfronts, there is a greater need to do financial and other transactions online. Other government bodies that are now discouraging clients from contacting them by phone or by visiting branches are those tasks related to Medicare and Centrelink.

With the proliferation of scams, identity theft and fraud, vulnerable seniors often require assistance to identify these and minimise risk. Brisbane Seniors Online is there to help in home visits for a very affordable annual fee. Losses from scams have reached record levels with Australian Competition and Consumer Commission data showing Australians lost $3.1 billion in 2022 – up 80 per cent on 2021.

Whilst computer classes have benefits, one-on-one home tuition is more conducive to faster more confident learning as tuition is provided on what a learner needs to know and what they want to learn using their own equipment and at a pace that suits them. More mentors are required, and new learners over 50 are also welcome to apply to receive home tuition. An affordable annual fee of $20 joining (one off fee) and $45 a year gives learners 12 hours of home lessons and ongoing support for the balance of their membership year.

Learners who may have family and friends spread across Australia and other parts of the world can be shown how to use email, social media and video communication to stay in touch, chat online and exchange photographs. Other advantages of having technological skills are being able to undertake research, make travel and accommodation bookings, catch up on TV programs missed and stream movies.

Currently, Brisbane Seniors Online has a shortage of mentors in the Redlands area. Empathic volunteer mentors are required to assist in helping over 50s become confident to use emerging technology and the internet safely. The average age of learners is 74, and the organisation’s philosophy is that it is never too late to learn emerging technology.

Contact Brisbane Seniors Online on 3393 2225 or see and

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