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3 Elements Coffee (a veteran-owned and run social enterprise that supports veteran and community initiatives through the love of coffee) and Chocolate Elements (manufacturer of hand-crafted chocolates, using high quality couverture chocolate in Edith St, Wynnum) are two local businesses bringing together a natural, delectable pairing to help benefit the community.

A few years ago 3 Elements Coffee partnered with Lee Child (award-winning #1 bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series) to produce Jack Reacher Down Under – a series of special coffee blends specifically roasted to ignite the senses, exclusively available for readers of good thrillers and lovers of great coffee in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Fans of the Jack Reacher novels will be familiar with two things – firstly his background in the military and secondly his love of coffee. The Jack Reacher Down Under coffee blends are all named after the series of Jack Reacher books. ‘Worth Dying For’ was the blend of premium coffee beans chosen for this new partnership.

Lee Child donates 50% of sales profits from all 3 Elements Coffee Jack Reacher Down Under and UK blends to veteran and community initiatives. It was decided by this new collaboration of Elements to support PTSD Resurrected.

PTSD Resurrected is a charity established in 2017 to restore Hope, Healing and Purpose to individuals suffering from PTSD as a result of trauma. It was birthed out of a necessity to provide hope to the Veteran and First Responder community suffering extremely high suicide rates as a direct result of trauma experienced during their service.

The charity runs free REBOOT trauma recovery courses for veterans, first responders and their families to promote healing from a holistic perspective including spiritual, mental and physical.

Chocolate and coffee are a natural, delectable pairing. The reason for such a deep connection between coffee and chocolate might be the fact that coffee and cocoa beans are related. They are both seeds of tropical plants, both are fermented and dried, both need some level of roasting.

The Worth Dying For range is available from Chocolate Elements. The products on offer include chocolate bars, barks, truffles and Worth Dying For coffee beans and cold brew. The cold brew is brewed for a minimum of 12 hours and can be enjoyed mixed with your favourite coffee martini, or added to hot chocolate!

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