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Rosies has been sharing friendship and connection since 1987, but many in the local community are unaware of the true meaning behind the service. One gentleman and regular patron of Rosies, Wayne, shares his experiences with Rosies.

“I first attended Rosies two-and-a-half years ago,” Wayne recalls. “I’d experienced the loss of a significant family member and had one setback after another. I was seeking socialisation and regular support when someone mentioned I should give Rosies a try.”

Wayne was a little hesitant at first; he was looking for a safe space to engage and interact with people on a regular basis.

“I showed up to outreach and saw a few people there, everyone was welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed that first outreach and thought I’d come back again just to be around others and feel connected with the local community,” he said.

Wayne continued, “I live alone so it’s nice to have a place to go where I can chat to people. I like spending time with the people at Rosies; it helps me to feel connected with the local community and society in general”.

Nearly three years on from his first visit with Rosies, Wayne attends almost every week.

“Rosies is really about feeling connected and spending time with people,” said Wayne.

“There are people who attend that are on the street, but others are people who are lonely or don’t have family in the area. At first I thought it was just for people who were homeless but it’s also about connection and friendship with people.

“Rosies provides a much needed service in the local community and society in general. A lot of people could benefit from coming along to outreach. Don’t be afraid to rock up to Rosies – take the leap and it will be great.”

Thousands of people like Wayne will find community and connection through Rosies this Christmas. Your gift no matter how large or small makes a real impact in the lives of people who attend outreach.

To donate please visit the website or contact the team to find out how you can keep Rosies’ vans on the street and in the communities where they are needed most.

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