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Often referred to as ‘relay drag racing for dogs’, the popular dog sport of flyball is all about having fun, and Bayside Flyball Racing’s furry participants and their human handlers are a joy to watch.

It’s clear that the dogs and their handlers are addicted to this fast-paced sport, and the public thoroughly enjoys watching it.

Flyball is a great sport for all breeds and sizes, from working dogs such as koolies, kelpies, border collies and cattle dogs, to jack russells, schnauzers, cocker spaniels and mixed breeds.

The races are electronically timed, and as the lights count down to the start, you can see each dog’s excitement build.

Watching a fast team race is often an exciting but nerve-wracking experience.

So, how does it work? Two teams of four dogs race each other. Each dog jumps over four hurdles, performs a swimmer’s turn on a spring-loaded box and in one motion, retrieves a ball as it is ejected from the box. The dog then jumps back over the four jumps, and ideally, as they pass the finish line, the next dog begins their part of the relay leg.

The current record in Australia for the fastest team was set by Norwest Thunderdogs in NSW this year, whose top team ran a 15.987-second time.

Bayside Flyball Racing made its debut at its home ground at Rays Redlands Baseball fields in Capalaba on June 25th, with its first Flyball competition, ‘Flyball at the Diamond’. Ten teams and more than 30 beginners from clubs from around South East Queensland attended.

This competition would not have been possible without the assistance of Redland City Council and the Redland Foundation Grants program, together with the major sponsor Instincto, who provided the prizes for all the entrants, and Sealink North Stradbroke Island, who donated the major prize in the raffle.

For more information about this great sport, email Bayside Flyball racing at [email protected].

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