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Jess Galatola wears many hats: mother to wriggly boys, a teacher, curriculum advisor, and most recently, the debut author of a children’s book, Some Families Change.

In 2020, many extraordinary things were happening in the world, but for Jess and her children, that was the year their family experienced significant and difficult change. Jess needed a book to guide her through an important conversation with her two and four-year-old boys about the drastic way their family was about to change. When she couldn’t find the right story, she decided to sit down and write it.

Every family goes through their own changes at some point, and this book offers a comforting exploration of changing family structures through gentle verse and inclusive illustrations.

Covering scenarios including single-parent families, blended families, and the loss of a loved one, it serves as a reassuring guide for children experiencing such transitions. Candid and big-hearted, Some Families Change is a timely resource for navigating life’s inevitable changes.

Jess’s debut book with EK Books for Kids is due for release in May 2024 and is now available for pre-order on the EK website. Visit for more information.

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