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The Fun-Fu Festival returns to the bayside this month, showcasing Chinese food, music, arts and cultural displays, and a whole lot of fun! Festival founder Amay Small gives her take on what the festival represents, and her motivation for its launch in 2023.

“In a world that often seems overwhelmingly loud and divided, we asked ourselves, ‘How can we bring a drop of serenity into the ocean of noise?’ That question led to the birth of the Fun-Fu Festival in 2023. More than just a celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the Fun-Fu Festival has become a beacon; a symbolic crossroads where East meets West, and where community comes to life.

“The inaugural Fun-Fu Festival was more than a year in planning. We wanted to offer something more than just another event to mark on the calendar; we wanted to create a lasting experience that would unite people from various walks of life.

“The festival integrates the riveting energy of lion dancing, the discipline of kung fu,
and the teamwork of dragon boats, making for a cultural extravaganza that transcends any single tradition.

“As daylight turns into evening, Chinese movies will flicker under lantern-lit skies, and the air will be filled with a sense of awe and the aroma of snacks from local food trucks.

“While the Fun-Fu Festival celebrates Chinese culture, our overarching vision has always been one of community. Every aspect of the festival has been designed to give back to the community that has given us so much. All raffle proceeds go directly into The Bayside Community Fund.”


The Fun-Fu Festival will be held on Saturday February 17 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm at George Clayton Park, Manly (look for the lighthouse!). Entry is free.

2:00 PM The Official Fun-Fu Opening Ceremony
2.30 PM Lion Dancing & Shaolin Kung Fu
3:00 PM Calligraphy, Ink Painting, Tiny Pong
4:00 PM The Bayside “Fortune Raffle” Draw
4:30 PM Indulge in Chinese Dinner and Dessert
5:00 PM Traditional Chinese Singing & Dancing
6:00 PM The Official Fun-Fu Closing Ceremony





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