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Coast Guard radio master Nigel Moore. Photos: Supplied.


Brisbane Coast Guard skipper Paul Burchell completed an impressive recovery of a 40ft yacht in Manly recently.

The yacht’s engine overheated and she lost steering when coming into the Manly leads on the way home. Her skipper requested Coast Guard’s help getting into his narrow berth in Wynnum Manly Yacht Club. He also requested we put his yacht into the berth stern first.

Paul Burchell took a crew aboard Coast Guard’s 8m rescue vessel CG-22 and went out to assist. He towed the yacht into the Manly Boat Harbour swing basin. Then, while switching from a short tow to a rafting-up position, he turned CG-22 through 180 degrees and tied up to the yacht’s bow – so he could push the yacht backwards and slot her into her berth stern first.

After 15 years serving with Coast Guard, and conducting over 450 rescues, this writer has never seen another Coast Guard skipper perform this manoeuvre so neatly.

Despite a very narrow manoeuvring space at Wynnum Manly Yacht Club, and a pesky gusting wind, Paul put the yacht into its berth without a fault. His crew were very impressed.

Meanwhile, after numerous requests from the boating public, Brisbane Coast Guard’s radio master Nigel Moore has scheduled another Marine Radio Course for Sunday 25th September starting at 7:30am. The course lasts all day, and will result in members receiving their official government Short-range or Long-range Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency. Any member of
the public is welcome to join this course. For more information, email Nigel at [email protected].

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