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As twinkling lights adorn our trees and the season’s spirit warms the air, Redland Community Centre (RCC) launches its Christmas Appeal, a beacon of hope for families in need.

This year’s festivities are shadowed by the stark realities of the high cost of living and the housing crisis, which have left many within our community in precarious positions. More than ever, the joy of Christmas is a luxury that some of our neighbours cannot afford.

At the heart of RCC’s Christmas Appeal is the unwavering belief that no child should feel left out during this time of joy and no family should bear the burden of hardship alone. We’re reaching out to you, our community of big-hearted givers, to ensure that the magic of Christmas is shared by all.

We kindly ask you to donate new gifts for children under 16, as well as festive food, for those families grappling with the tough times in the Redlands area. Your generosity will light up a child’s face with a smile and bring relief to parents striving to make ends meet and put ‘Christmas’ on the table this year.

Donating a gift can make a significant difference in a child’s life. It’s not just a toy or a book; it’s a message of love, support, and community spirit.

Remember, the Christmas project thrives solely on community support and is unfunded. Your participation is what powers this initiative, turning the season of giving into a movement of community solidarity and kindness.

Please bring your unwrapped gifts to Redland Community Centre at 29 Loraine Street Capalaba during opening hours (Tuesday/Thursday) or alternatively phone 3387 2224 to arrange delivery out of hours. Let’s make this Christmas a memorable one for every member of our Redlands community.

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