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Here’s to Life (H2L) focuses on enhancing the lives of mature individuals through specially crafted programs designed for our older community members. Sue Harvey (General Manager) says H2L takes immense pride in announcing the expansion of its offerings beyond Cleveland, where classes have been conducted for the past two decades, to now include the vibrant community of Victoria Point.

Participants can choose to delve into the H2L’s gentle exercise program, Buff Bones, indulge in an early morning Jazz with Pizzazz class, or join the lively Dancercise program tailored for individuals living with disabilities. And that’s not all says Renee, Manager and Head Dance Instructor – H2L is introducing Classical Ballet classes, adding a touch of grace and artistry to its range of classes.

While traditionally associated with grace, poise, and the boundless energy of youth, classical ballet has found a new audience among older individuals, proving that age is no barrier to the enchantment of this exquisite form of expression.

One of the unique features of classical ballet is its ability to cater to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Unlike some physical activities that may pose challenges for older enthusiasts, ballet provides a gentle yet effective means of enhancing flexibility, balance, and strength. The structured nature of ballet training fosters a sense of discipline and focus, contributing not only to physical well-being but also to mental acuity and mindfulness.

Some of our members were very fortunate to experience a classical ballet class with Qld Ballet’s members Lily Spencer and Lauren Sherlock just recently at the Redland Performing Arts Centre. Our members loved the class and expressed interest in continuing with Classical Ballet classes.

The Victoria Point classes will commence on Thursday 25th January at the Victoria Point Community Hall, located at the corner of Link and Colburn Roads, Victoria Point.

To book, call Renee on 0408 717 342 or email [email protected].

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