BAYSIDE WOODIES CONTINUE TO PUZZLE LOCAL KIDS - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Puzzles crafted by the Bayside Wood Turners and Crafters Club. Photo: Supplied.


Members of the Bayside Woodturners and Woodcrafters Club (BWWC) have been busy making jigsaw puzzles for the last few weeks and distributing them to local early childhood learning centres.

The scrollsaw group have been cutting out a range of jigsaw puzzles for weeks now. A scrollsaw is a machine that can cut very fine lines, ideal for making jigsaws. Under the guidance of Rod Goody the group have cut out and sanded approximately 50 puzzles and have boxed them up ready to present to early learning centres and kindergartens in the Wynnum area. So far four centres have gladly accepted a box of puzzles.

Each puzzle has been bagged and each piece labelled so that they don’t get mixed up. A picture is included in each bag to assist with assembly.

Early reports suggest that the puzzles have been well received by the children, and they are looking forward to seeing what other wooden toys the club can make in the future.

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