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Photo by Shirley Mahon; supplied.

A language that embraces multi-skilled polymaths, multi-surfaced polygons and multi-purpose polymers could probably accommodate a new word – polyvols – for multi-committed volunteers.

Volunteers like Annabelle Alexander give time and energy and skill to a multitude of good causes.
For decades Annabelle has been putting her action where her heart is and she’s always found the process to be intensely rewarding.

“Basically I just like helping,” she says. “There are jobs that need to be done and if no-one puts their hand up it means that someone else has to work longer hours to get it done.”

The organisations that have benefited from Annabelle’s philosophy include the Redland Art Gallery, Redland Museum, the Brisbane Ekka, Parents and Friends Association, the Redland Lawn Tennis Association, Redland Arts Council, Meals on Wheels, the Vanuatu Library Project and the Mater Private Hospital Redland auxiliary. She’s also a blood donor.

Growing up in a small country town with a mother who was always ready to help anyone in need had an impact on Annabelle’s approach to life and she insists that volunteering is a two-way street; everybody wins.

“There are so many unexpected rewards in being a volunteer,” she says. “There’s the sheer joy of being useful –and we all need to be useful, to contribute to our community – there’s having a purpose, knowing that you’re filling a need, there are friendships made, new ideas stimulated and skills learned and shared. Volunteers can give what time they have, when they have it – and a real benefit of volunteering is that no matter what your skills and interests are there’s a spot for everyone to use what they’re good at or to learn something new. For young folk especially there are valuable skills to be learned that can be invaluable for future career success.”

Without our volunteers, be they committed to one group or spreading the love over several organisations, the world would be a poorer – and less caring – place.

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