Going bush, close to home – we love Indigiscapes! - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Pictured: Stacey Thomson at IndigiScapes, Capalaba.

There’s a stillness in nature that feeds the soul. It’s pure magic. Stepping into IndigiScapes at Capalaba is like an immersive natural theatre experience. It’s a thriving ecosystem gently humming with activity, and best of all, it’s accessible to all of us. Spanning over 14 hectares of natural bushland, this priceless community asset has so much to offer, from a native nursery and café to botanic gardens and an engaging discovery centre.

IndigiScapes is just one of the many amazing places in the Redlands providing a haven for flora and fauna, protected for future generations.

This month, we’re thrilled to welcome Stacey Thomson – best known as Ranger Stacey – a local icon who will be contributing a monthly column to The Community Leader. You may have seen Stacey at IndigiScapes, where she often hosts educational sessions and shares her passion for the environment.

If you haven’t been to IndigiScapes recently, take the time to relax, reconnect with nature and explore its wonders – your stress levels will thank you! We hope you love exploring this issue of The Community Leader and take advantage of everything your community has to offer.

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