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Pictured: Dylan, Peter, Christine and Harrison from THEHOOLYTEAM preparing the dinners. Photos: Supplied.


Residents of the Redlands recently nominated their elderly neighbours and family members who they felt deserved a treat. The latest campaign from THEHOOLYTEAM saw 50 roast lamb dinners delivered to the elderly.

These elderly people may be alone, lonely or bereaved, or doing it tough in some way. This meal is a hug, and a thank you to let them know we care and value them.

On July 21, we intend to deliver 100 Christmas in July roast turkey dinners (with all the trimmings) to
the elderly, who are the pillars of our community. We thank them and respect them for their contributions over the years.

To nominate a deserving elderly neighbour or family member, contact us at with your nominated person’s name and address. The recipient must be home between 12pm and 4pm on Friday, July 21, as we cannot leave meals for health and safety reasons.

Nominations for our last round of roast lamb dinners were received through the contact page at Some of the nominees were so deserving with wonderful stories. We prepared the roast lamb dinners with so much love, and delivering them directly to their doors was delightful. Everyone was so grateful, and we received so many hugs.

We are THEHOOLYTEAM at Freedom Property, giving back to the community that supports us. We sell houses too!

For more details, contact Peter Houliston-Hooly at 0424125773 or [email protected].

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