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When war broke out in Syria in 2011, local author Minney Richani was motivated to write Amongst the Grapevines, a mixed-form memoir of poetry, prose and digital illustrations.

Writing the collection helped her navigate her identity as an Australian-Syrian woman, tell her story, and shape her narrative about a country and people beyond its public perception of war and carnage.

Noting the gap in mixed-form works in traditional publishing and wanting complete creative control over her work prompted Richani to self-publish. Taking on the multiple roles of publisher, illustrator, designer, social media marketer, typesetter and campaigner, she found the process challenging, though immensely rewarding.

Her advice to authors looking to establish themselves outside of traditional publishing is to “step out of your own way, disregard the imposter syndrome…and focus all of your energy on taking that first step. Channel all of the passion you have for writing into an undoubted belief that your voice is necessary, that your story is unique and that you do not need the stamp of approval from a traditional publisher to establish yourself as an author.”

Richani, whose family have owned and operated Lota Takeaway for 20 years, is grateful to see the bayside community embrace the book. Her experience, she recounts, has been one of reconnection, growth, collaboration and creativity, and she looks forward to continuing this connection with the community.

Amongst the Grapevines (RRP $35) is available to purchase locally from The Mad Hatters Bookshop at Manly and Little Gnome Bookshop at Wynnum.

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