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“Wedding Belles” is the theme of a new textile display at Redland Museum. Whether you’ve never been to a wedding or have attended hundreds, you can’t help but admire the uniqueness of each couple’s celebration.

People who love weddings have their favourite part, and for many, it’s the attire of the happy couple. The bride’s wedding dress draws much attention, but the groom is not to be outdone.

This new display at Redland Museum features beautiful and fragile wedding gowns, including a grey silk taffeta gown from the 1860s that must be protected and can only be displayed for short periods. It is contained in a special archival box, using many sheets of acid-free paper created by Dr Michael Marendy in 2001. Michael is now one of the top textile conservators in Queensland.

On one of the gowns is a gold locket that belonged to a daughter in the Sherrin family, who were one of the first families to settle in Cleveland in 1860.

An unusual silk wedding gown from 1938 features fringing and a design reminiscent of the Flapper era.

The featured groom’s black dinner suit belonged to Mr Salmon, who owned the Pink Shop at Ormiston and built many beautiful timber items for the Anglican Church at Ormiston. The suit was donated by his daughter, Kath McNeilly OAM.

If you love weddings, don’t miss this wonderful display at Redland Museum at 60 Smith Street, Cleveland. The museum is open seven days, 10am to 3pm. For more details, phone 3286 3494 or go to

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