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As the temperature begins to warm up, now is the time to feed your hungry plants coming out of winter dormancy. Using a liquid fertiliser to give them a quick and easily accessible food source helps to boost growth, as will top dressing with a slow-release fertiliser like blood and bone that will slowly feed them throughout the season.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to prune your summer flowering shrubs before they begin to form buds and flowers. Remove damaged, diseased or dying branches and cut back shrubs to keep them nice and compact in growth.

Continue to remove old, finished flowers from plants to help promote a second flush of flowers.

Increase watering as the soil temperature warms, and plants are growing, especially newly planted smaller root systems, to promote new and healthy growth and help them thrive through the growing season.

Now is the best time to start your veggie patch.

Grow a mixture of fast-harvest crops like leafy greens and longer-fruiting crops like tomatoes and cucumbers that you can harvest throughout the season.

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