Bayside dog trainer strikes gold at nationals - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Caroline with her two much-loved border collies, Hope (centre) and Adam and some of their prizes from the state and national dog obedience championships. Photo by Julie Finter.


Wynnum-based dog trainer Caroline Strainig has put her training skills to the test at the state and national dog obedience championships – and struck gold.

Caroline, who owns CLEAR Dog Training, competed with her two border collies, Hope and Adam, and came away festooned with prizes.

Her haul included two national championships, two reserve national championships, two state championships and two reserve state championships.

Her dogs were first and second in four classes, and she also won three other major awards, including the highest combined score in rally obedience for the two trials.

For Caroline, the top award was particularly cherished as her young dog, Hope, had only been competing at the top level in rally for two weeks before the trial held in Durack in early July.

The state and nationals had also attracted a strong contingent of competitors from southern states and northern Queensland, and to have such success at the top level with both her dogs was a huge tick for her training methods.

“I love training dogs of all breeds and get a lot of joy out of helping people with their puppies and older dogs,” Caroline said.

“However, I still compete at the highest level with my own dogs when I can to ensure my training is right up there with the best.

“Not only do you have to teach your dog the necessary skills, but you have to produce a top performance under huge pressure.

“I must admit I was extremely nervous going into the final national comp, but my dogs seemed to know it was important and tried their hearts out. It was almost like they were saying, ‘Relax, we’ve got this, mum’.”

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