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It was early Sunday morning in 1915; the sun was yet to rise as the ships carrying Australian troops steered towards the shores of Gallipoli.

As the allied troops came ashore, their gazes washed over the rugged coastline; the Ottoman soldiers stood atop the steep and impenetrable hills. The allied forces had landed two miles further south than intended in the dark. This tremendous error saw copious amounts of causalities and the beginning of a battlefield like no other.

The campaign to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula lasted eight months and is considered a military disaster – though the characteristics and strength displayed by our troops are now legendary. These soldiers demonstrated immense bravery, endurance, sacrifice and mateship. Their spirit lives on over 100 years later.

April 25th not only commemorates the landing but also remembers and acknowledges all those Australian soldiers who have served in conflicts and peacekeeping missions and sacrificed their lives for our nation.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

This year the Anzac Day march will commence at 9.15am on the corner of Bay Terrace and Clara Street. If you’d like to participate in the march please contact the sub-branch at [email protected]. If you wish to lay a wreath at the 9.45am service, please see reception or call us on 3396 7333 [email protected].

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