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The 100 Bird Box Project is a community initiative involving BCC-Habitat Brisbane, Bunnings, Bayside Woodturners and Woodcrafters (BWWC), local bush care groups, and the Bayside Wilderness Society.

The diversity of birds and mammals in the Wynnum/Manly area is in decline, especially following the removal of trees containing hollows. The 100 bird/mammal box project attempts to reverse this loss by supplying breeding sites.

We need the interaction of these organisms to restore a “sacred balance”. For example, microbats consume their weight in mozzies every night.

To date, the project is on target to construct the 100 breeding homes by the end of 2023.

This community project started with the Lota Creek Catchment Group voicing their concerns and supplying the list of endangered species. The target species are Pale Headed Rosellas, Scaley Breasted Lorikeets, Wood Ducks, Microbats, Feather Gliders, and other small birds.

Bunnings donated and cut the plywood to make appropriate templates built and approved by Habitat Brisbane. Habitat Brisbane (BCC) made available funding to build the 100 nesting boxes. Members of the BWWC are building the boxes, and their grandchildren are painting them.

When we all put our minds and energies into making an inclusive and diverse environment for humanity and the rest of life’s species, we gain an appreciation of what it is to be truly alive.

Currently, the project needs people with WHS training to install the nesting boxes. If you could help, please call Dave Praeger, co-ordinator of The 100 Bird Box Project, at 0411 843 627.

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