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A Project undertaken by Redlands Camera Club Members

Over eight million shipping containers move through Australia’s ports each year – that’s a staggering number, so what happens to them after their life as a cargo container is finished?

A shipping container’s first 10-12 years will be spent at sea; beyond that they have a lifespan of another 15 years or longer without any maintenance. Some will have sustained physical dents and damage from corrosion while others will be in reasonable condition. What happens to them?

The concept of the Redlands Camera Club’s recent project is to show the story of how shipping containers are recycled after their working life has finished. With so many containers being decommissioned it has led to the huge growth of a container recycling industry in Australia.

Re-used and renovated containers can be used in so many ways that are only limited by the new owner’s imagination. Repurposing can include storage, road transport, work spaces, laboratories, pop-up shops, schools, emergency hospitals, portable toilets, underground shelters, creative studios, homes, home extensions and even swimming pools!

They can certainly provide creative, unique and affordable repurposing that has a very positive environmental outcome. In addition to the energy savings, owners can also modify the container even further to become more sustainable with solar panels, smart gadgets and putting in a waste compost system.

The final project includes 20 individual photos which were captured by club members at various locations on the same day on 25th September of 2021. This project will be exhibited by the club at the end of 2022.

The Redlands Camera Club assists photographers who wish to develop their photographic knowledge, skills and artistic creativity and promotes the opportunity to meet regularly, interact socially with fellow enthusiasts in a friendly, supportive environment and to share ideas, and form friendships.

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