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Straddievarious gallery is situated on Raby Bay Harbour and exhibits a fabulous range of artworks from a talented pool of artists and artisans in the Redland Coast region.

Currently on display are works featuring abstract themes with stunning paintings from May Sheppard, Linda K Art, Renee Johnston Art, Valerie Clark, Maria Aristoleo, Donette Wilson, Ruby Mai Art and Gallery owner Deb McCann.

May Sheppard is inspired by the bright light, the vast expansive skies and the changing colours of the sea.

Linda K paints where she is, the Redland Coast, the seas, the beaches, the rainforest, the pandanus, working mainly in acrylic, often weaving text, until the painting takes on a life of its own. She doesn’t paint what she sees but instead what she feels.

Renee Johnston’s art is not solely limited to one technique or medium and is guided by her mood. Like a photograph, her artwork captures a moment in time. Her artwork often reflects what is happening in and around her at that time. It’s her passion, and she delights in sharing it with others.

Ruby Mai is self-taught and likes to try different mediums. She loves colour, working in acrylic but also loves how oils glide over the canvas and blend beautifully. Ruby Mai says paintings evoke feelings and memories in us, and colour has proven therapeutic and uplifting for the soul. So, why not fill your life with what makes you feel good?

Deb McCann is inspired by the beautiful blues and greens of our Redland Coast – she calls them the Straddie Blues. Working in acrylic, Deb loves movement and texture, evoking a feeling from the viewer of wanting to reach out and touch the work.

The current exhibition will run during August 2021.

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