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Pictured: Orchid Society members Ann and Barry Kable.

Orchids are awesome. Just ask the members of the Redlands Orchid Society, who are gearing up to showcase a stunning array of natural beauties at their upcoming Orchid Show.

Just like people, orchids have a variety of personal traits. They can be complex and colourful, sometimes difficult to deal with, but often easy to live with, intriguing, and can make delightful housemates. They’ll likely make you smile, rarely make you cry, and if you’re ever stuck for a gift to give, an orchid won’t let you down.

So come along and get to know these fascinating plants at the Spring Orchid Show.
Orchid Society members would love to share their knowledge and their orchids with you.
Take a look at page 3 for more in-depth orchid info!

What: Redlands Orchid Society Spring Show
Where: Redlands Multi-Sports Club, Randall Road, Birkdale
When: Saturday October 7, 2023, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

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