Community challenged to live in cars for one night to help Brisbane’s homeless women - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Kerri-Anne Dooley, Teresa Reed and Lady Mayoress Nina Schrinner. Photos: Supplied.

Nina Schrinner, the Lady Mayoress of Brisbane, has launched the Live Like Her Challenge, an event where participants will live in their car to raise funds and awareness for women over 55 who are experiencing homelessness.

The challenge is being organised and run by The Forgotten Women, a Brisbane-based charity committed to providing homes to homeless women over 55 years of age.

The Forgotten Women Patron Nina Schrinner called on people to join The Forgotten Women’s Live Like Her Challenge to support Australia’s fastest growing homeless population.

“It’s heart-breaking that, in greater Brisbane, more than 700 women over the age of 55 don’t have a safe and secure place to sleep at night, and this figure is predicted to more than double by 2036,” Mrs Schrinner said.

“Women are living in cars, couch surfing and physically hiding due to the terrifying threat of family and domestic violence. These could be our mothers, aunts, sisters and daughters and we have a duty to help them.”

Mrs Schrinner pointed to Brisbane’s rising inflation rate and increasing cost of living pressures as an additional source of hardship for vulnerable people in the community.

“It’s the perfect storm of rising costs, lack of employment, limited superannuation and a lack of affordable housing options that’s driving many women into severe hardship,” she said.

“These are the women who fought for equal pay, superannuation and equal opportunity for future generations of women, but in their hour of need they feel forgotten, and that’s exactly why I’m calling on our community to show their support by joining the challenge.”

The Live Like Her Challenge will be held at a secure venue in Eagle Farm on September 8 where participants will live in their car for one night helping fund The Forgotten Women’s mission to provide fit-for-purpose housing for Brisbane’s hidden homeless.

The Forgotten Women Founder Teresa Reed said the charity currently provided housing for 89 women over the age of 55.

“The Live Like Her Challenge will help this vulnerable demographic be seen, heard, loved, and most importantly supported through ensuring that homelessness is but a chapter in these women’s lives,” Ms Reed said.

“Along with providing housing, the right support is key as these women may be tackling many issues including dementia, chronic disease, frailty, elders’ rights, knowledge of legal avenues in cases of elder abuse, and more.

“We want these women to be able to live with dignity and age securely in place, as every person deserves.”

Registrations for the Live Like Her Challenge are open to the entire community, however organisers are also calling on business owners and community leaders to step up and take part.

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