The bay is our playground, so let’s make a splash! - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Pictured L-R: Cleveland Yacht Club members Steve Lawie, Dave Sharp, Grant Veckranges, Cath Hornabrook and Denham Howe at Cleveland.

Look out to sea along the Redlands’ coastline any weekend, and you’ll see people at one with the water. Kite surfers, yachties, paddlers, friends fishing in tinnies and swimmers taking a dip – the bay is an enviable year-round playground for water sports, open to all of us.

April 21 will be a particularly busy day on the waters off Cleveland Point, with sailors from across Queensland and northern New South Wales taking to the seas for the 53rd Peel Island Marathon. This flagship event for Cleveland Yacht Club encourages friendly competition, fosters community spirit, and promises a day full of fun both on and off the water.

If you’d like to get on board and learn more about local sailing and cruising, chat with the members of Cleveland Yacht Club (more on page 2). Keen to explore other on-water activities? Many clubs and groups in the Redlands are ready to help you find your sea legs. And for those who prefer to stay high and dry, relax, take a seat on the shoreline, and soak up the bay’s beauty.

This month, we’re featuring ordinary locals doing extraordinary things, from artists to teachers and playwrights to people who generously volunteer to help people and animals. We’re privileged to highlight their achievements, and we hope you love reading this edition of The Community Leader.

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