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Queensland anglers can now recycle their old fishing tackle in any BCF store as an Australian first RIG RECYCLE program expands across the sunshine state.

In partnership with two Australian charities, Tangaroa Blue Foundation and OzFish Unlimited spearheading the movement, BCF are opening their Queensland stores as a drop-off location for anglers to contribute to litter prevention and recycling.

The program enables recreational anglers to bring their old, unwanted or recovered fishing tackle into any BCF stores in Queensland and dispose of it in purpose-built Rig Recycle bins.

The programs expansion has been made possible with support from the Queensland Government’s Community Sustainability Action Grants Program.

Craig Copeland, OzFish Unlimited CEO and Founder, says that you can now find a Rig Recycle bin in every BCF store between Mt Isa to Burleigh Heads.

“It’s a great program because it encourages anglers to become responsible stewards of the waterways they enjoy,” said Craig.

“Queensland anglers who have been asking for a way to recycle their fishing tackle and play their part in reducing the impact this waste has on their local fish habitats,” says Craig.

The Rig Recycle concept is an initiative developed by ReefClean to tackle litter in the Great Barrier Reef and has now been expanded into all BCF stores throughout Queensland. The aim is to help overcome issues such as pollution from discarded fishing gear, while also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

All the tackle placed in the Rig Recycle bins will be assessed by volunteers and sorted to be either recycled into other products or repaired into small tackle packages to share with like-minded fishing charities.

“We can refurbish hard lures with new paint, bibs, split rings and hooks, with fishing- based charities reusing them for more sustainable fishing,” Craig said.

Heidi Tait, CEO of the Tangaroa Blue Foundation said it is the first rig recycling program in Australia.

“There are only three other known rig recycling programs in the world, so it’s a gamechanger for the Aussie fishing industry,” said Heidi.

“The Rig Recycle bin will take mono filament line, plastic line spools, hooks, sinkers, swivels, lures, jig heads and floats, broken or unwanted,” said Heidi.

Rig Recycle is a partnership of OzFish, BCF- Boating, Camping Fishing and Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

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