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What is a Repair Café? The name’s a giveaway, but it’s certainly a fairly new concept.

A Repair Café is a place you can go to for a cup of coffee or tea and at the same time get your broken things fixed. Simple really!

Getting an item fixed saves it from becoming landfill, extends its life, and can save you money as well. Part of the fun is that, instead of simply dropping off your item to be fixed, you participate in the repair at the Repair Café (if you can).

The idea was the brainchild of Martine Potsma, a Dutch lady, who in 2009 set up the first Repair Café in Amsterdam. Since then, Repair Cafés have popped up all over the world (check out, including two not that far away: one at The Gabba and one at Sandgate (on Facebook here:

Following a trial late last year, Repair Café Brisbane Bayside will commence operation in February at the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre at 241 Tingal Road, Wynnum. It will be open once a month, on alternate Saturdays and Sundays, for two hours. During that time, the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre volunteers will be serving their famous Devonshire Teas to satisfy the café aspect of the project.

If you are interested in being involved or would like more information please email [email protected]

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