Local photographer profile: Jeff Basley - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Photos: Jeff Basley.


My photography journey began with my very first pay cheque; that same year I also bought my first motorbike. Over time I’ve merged my two passions and I often find myself clicking away at the high-octane atmosphere of the motorcycle racetrack. It’s not just the racetrack that ignites my creative spark.

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Mount Glorious, motorcycles converge to conquer its twisty corners, hills and captivating scenery. A haven for both riders and photographers, Mount Glorious offers a splendid backdrop to capture these two-wheeled wonders against nature’s majestic canvas!

In this digital age, I revel in the instant gratification of viewing my images as soon as they are captured. This allows me to meticulously select and curate the moments that best convey the essences of motorcycle riding. Utilising deliberate slow shutter speeds, my photographs strive to encapsulate the speed, precision and unadulterated emotion that defines the spirit of two-wheeled adventures!

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