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Meet Iris Brewer, Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre’s very own Pink Lady, doyenne of the Devonshire Tea and accomplished octogenarian, whose drive for serving the community knows no bounds.

Local icons like Iris – who has been involved with the running of the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre for decades – bring a wealth of experience, skills and good humour to our community.

Social hubs and community clubs are the lifeblood of our neighbourhoods. From the local pub to the church hall, every day people meet to change each other’s lives, one way or another. Big or small, every interaction counts.

Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre’s calendar of events, driven by volunteers, unites people from all walks of life.

“The generosity of people with their time, their gifts, and talents, is amazing,” said Iris of the Leisure Centre’s volunteers, who run concerts, morning teas and markets.

Our feel-good community heroes are not only the volunteers who donate their time, but also the small business owners and staff who work hard to create friendly meeting places that connect people.

Swing by Wynnum’s Cedar & Pine Bar, or Manly’s Celtic Corner, and you’ll always find a friendly face ready for a chat. Watch the pups enjoying their ‘woofachinos’ at Frenchies Café – it’ll make you smile.

Don’t be lonely; get to know the people in your village. Collectively, we can celebrate the good, bury the bad, and lift each other’s spirits. It’s what makes our community great.

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