The bayside’s got talent! - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Local legends. They’re everywhere. You probably walk past them in the supermarket, where we’re all pretty much equal, doing what we need to keep the wheels of our households turning. While we’re doing ordinary things, we’re brushing past extraordinary people.

We walk alongside accomplished musicians, authors, artists and academics. Our community is made up of people who make the world better in their own unique way. It’s the volunteers who give
up their time to help others. It’s the musos who lift our spirits through song. The artists who add colour to our days. The doctors who mend us when we’re broken. These people bring unique gifts
to our bayside community and the world beyond.

Manly local Dannika Patterson is one talented author igniting the imaginations of kids worldwide through her magical children’s books. And she’s just published book number 13 – no mean feat
in the competitive and crowded publishing world.

Find out more about Dannika’s new book on page 3 (available at your legendary local bookstore, Mad Hatters), and as you flip through the pages of The Community Leader, get to know the local legends who walk amongst us. They’re truly inspirational people.

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