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Have you seen the bright yellow signs and stickers saying ‘Climate Action Now’ and wondered where you can get one of your own? Now you can pick one up locally.

Three out of four Australians are concerned about climate change* and ‘Vote Compass’ data shows that climate change is the number one most important issue to voters.

However, climate change is barely making the news this Federal election. This is despite the horrific bushfires of 2019/20, the 2022 floods and the increasing danger of sea level rise on the bayside foreshore.

Luckily, here in Wynnum Manly there is a big group of people who support stronger action on climate change. One thing you can do to join in is order your free sign or car sticker and share the message with the local community. There are many ways you can get your own sign.

• You could order a free sign through Queensland Conservation Council. Go to their webpage –, fill out the form and they will send one to you in the mail.

• You can also pick up a free sign from Robyn at the Wynnum Creek Bushcare Group. Email her on [email protected] to order your sign. Different size signs are available; 30cm x 30cm squares, 45x30cm rectangles, 30x30cm triangular signs. You can also pick up a bumper sticker to share the message as you drive around town.

*Source: The Australia Institute media realease, October 2021.

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