Get your Fun-Fu on this February! - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Pictured: Amay Small with Monica Ma at George Clayton Park, Manly.

While kung fu, dumplings, lion dancing and lanterns might seem stereotypically Chinese, they are in fact some of the essential ingredients that make the Fun-Fu Festival a fabulous community event.

Staged at Manly’s George Clayton Park this month, the second annual Fun-Fu Festival promises an immersive East-meets-West experience, where visitors can explore the vibrant culture and customs of Chinese people.

Bayside resident and festival organiser Amay Small says it’s a chance to unite people from all backgrounds and showcase Chinese culture, and there’s even a charitable aspect, with raffle proceeds donated to the Bayside Community Fund. And with free entry, it’s an all-ages event that everyone can enjoy.

Fun-Fu is just one drawcard on a menu of amazing events planned for 2024, run by passionate local community leaders. How lucky are we to have these volunteers in our community?

Keep the afternoon of February 17 free for a festival of Chinese fun, and for a full program, check out page 3.

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