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Being a senior in Australia comes with its perks, but many are unaware of the range of concessions, rebates, and discounts available to them. These benefits can differ based on age, location, and work status. To simplify this, National Seniors Australia has created a user-friendly Concessions Calculator designed to simplify the process of discovering the concessions available to you.

Whether you’re newly retired or have been enjoying retirement for some time, this tool can help you maximise your savings by identifying eligible concessions based on your state and any concession cards you possess.

Your starting point should be obtaining an Age Pension card, State or Territory Seniors Card, or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. These cards offer various concessions, making them essential for retirees.

For example, In Queensland, you can get a State Government Seniors card if you’re 65 years or older and working fewer than 35 hours a week in paid employment. That card gives you a gas and electricity rebate, public transport concessions, and a reduced rate for car registration.

You can also join National Seniors for only $49.50 and gain access to an array of retail and service discounts. In an economy with 6% inflation, every bit helps when you’re a retiree. If you’re asset-rich but pension-ineligible, look into the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. This grants access to subsidised medicines and other concessions, based on an income test. If you’re a self-funded retiree above the pension age of 67, you should put in an application and see if you’re eligible, because the CSHC is not automatically issued.

Don’t forget about other perks, like the Australia Post concession that allows Seniors Card holders to purchase stamps at a reduced rate.

Discover your concessions with the National Seniors Concession Calculator which can be found by visiting

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