Congratulations to Jos Mitchell, Redlands’ new mayor - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

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A change is underway in Redland City Council, with newly-elected Mayor Jos Mitchell ready to take the reins.

Following a successful campaign that spanned over a year, Jos says she is committed to leading change in the Redlands.

“I love the area we live in, and I’m looking forward to working collaboratively with the elected council members, the organisation, and the community to achieve great outcomes,” said Jos.

“My focus is on bringing council and community together. That includes introducing committees to our council to build bridges between councillors, residents, local businesses, and non-profit organisations.

“I love our bayside lifestyle. We have a unique environment, and I believe we need to carefully protect the lifestyle we all love. We need to balance it with a progressive and innovative approach to our planning and investment attraction.”

As a long-standing member of the Redlands community, Jos is married and has three adult children who have grown up in the area and attended local schools.

“Early in my career, I was a police officer, police prosecutor, and trainer,” Jos explained.

“I later developed a company with my husband, became a manager of economic development and community services in local government, and have been a nationally accredited mediator for the last decade. I’ve also enjoyed becoming involved in the creative arts, which has become a personal passion.”

Jos is also an avid reader and would love to pursue writing in the future.

And while there hasn’t been much downtime in the last year due to her packed campaign calendar, Jos and her husband love exploring South-East Queensland in their spare time.

“We enjoy day trips on our motorbikes, classic cars, walking, and spending time with family and friends,” says Jos. “I sing badly, laugh loudly, and have a pair of rollerblades I have yet to use…maybe this weekend!”

Congratulations to Jos and the team of councillors who will guide Redlands through the next four years, balancing lifestyle, liveability and economic growth.

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