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Natalie Lynch of Studio Yellow and Donna Butler, of Donna Butler Art. Photo: Supplied.

Natalie Lynch of Manly West and Donna Butler of Birkdale first met in December 2020, in a coffee shop in Manly at a function organised by First Light Widowed Association. Upon meeting they soon discovered that as well as being young widows, both shared a passion for art.

Brisbane-born Natalie has lived in the bayside area since she married a ‘southsider’ in 1986. She worked at Wynnum High School and Moreton Bay College as an art teacher before starting her own business teaching art classes and art therapy to adults.

“I started Studio Yellow as a direct response to the tragedy of losing my husband to suicide in 2009,” explained Natalie.

“His passing made me realise how vital it is for us all to nurture our mental health. After years of teaching children and teenagers, I now teach adults how to find the confidence they need to dabble in art and enjoy the healing benefits of a creative hobby.”

Donna only returned home to Queensland in January 2020. Born in Mackay, Donna moved to England in November 1998 and was married soon after. Donna spent 12 years in the UK followed by 10 years in Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong, but after her husband was diagnosed with incurable cancer, they decided it was important that Donna and their children move back to Australia.

“We knew I would need the support of my family to get through the months ahead,” said Donna.

“My energy is now focused on healing myself and others by making Donna Butler Art, which allows the imagination to find its own path. Natalie’s friendship at this time in my life has been an inspiration.”

Through teaching art or producing and selling art, Natalie and Donna aim to bring joy to others, because they both understand life has its challenges and this is their way of giving back to the community.

Find out more about First Light Widowed Association at https://www.firstlight.org.au/

Discover Donna Butler Art at www.donnabutlerart.com, and Studio Yellow at www.studioyellow.com.au.

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