Igniting creativity through community - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Pictured: Redland Coast Art Society members. 

Our local environment is a constant source of inspiration. From the beach to the bush, the vibrant colours in nature have nurtured artistic expression throughout generations.

Art is important to any community, and being around other creative people is important to artists.

The newly-formed Redland Coast Art Society is bringing together artists of all abilities to create a hub that develops and encourages creativity through art. You’ll often spot their members outdoors, engrossed in their craft, connecting with the beauty of their surroundings and one another.

If art isn’t your thing, chances are you’ll find your tribe in the Redlands, which is rich with clubs and groups ready to welcome you into the fold, some of which we’ve featured in this edition.

And if you’d like a more casual activity, take a stroll, smile (because it feels great!) and chat with people in your community. The small connections we create make our area a fantastic place to live, work and play.

We hope you love this edition of The Community Leader and find inspiration to enjoy your neighbourhood’s diverse activities and events.

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