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Photo: Brisbane Bayside State College.


As part of a new agricultural program, Brisbane Bayside State College has recruited a range of partners who have banded together to rehabilitate a local wildlife corridor.

The project forms part of a comprehensive strategy to establish a full riparian ecosystem, and a functional native environmental corridor for the Wynnum community on Brisbane Bayside State College land.

A portion of this site is part of a wildlife corridor that runs from Moreton Bay College to Iona College and is part of the Bulimba Creek Catchment. However, the site is currently overgrown, neglected and inaccessible. The project aims to revegetate this corridor with the help of B4C and the Port of Brisbane.

This space will enable students studying a range of different subjects such as Biology, Aquatic Practices, STEM, Agriculture, Technology and Geography to be exposed to authentic learning experiences and opportunities. This area will also be accessible to community groups such as Bulimba Creek Catchment Co-ordinating Committee (B4C), Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre and Port of Brisbane for future environmental sustainability projects.

“This corridor will be a valuable resource for the community, which is why we are so excited about the partnerships we have forged as this is an ongoing sustainability project,” said Brisbane Bayside College’s Lyle Fallis.

“A number of volunteers from The Port of Brisbane, Bulimba Creek Catchment Co-ordinating Committee, Bayside Creeks Catchment Group, Urban Utilities and Bayside Clean Up Crew have helped the college to kick off this new initiative.”

Wayne Cameron, B4C Catchment Manager says, “The college has taken the initiative and embarked on improving the environmental value of a strategic wildlife corridor within its grounds. The corridor links Bayside to the Brisbane River on Bulimba Creek and is also mapped as a koala area. The school will win on many counts, none less than environmental awareness and education for its staff and students”.

Brisbane Bayside State College would like to thank all the volunteers who have put in the hard yards to ensure stage one of the project is a success.

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