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The Manly-Lota Scout Group is a not-for-profit group for young people aged five to 26. The group is focused on the personal development of youth through participation in outdoor activities, community service, teamwork, and leadership skills. Scouts of all ages can achieve Peak Awards in their sections by completing age-appropriate activities to develop their skills. Fourteen youth members of the Manly-Lota Scout Group achieved Peak Awards throughout 2022.

Three Joey Scouts (aged five to eight years) achieved their Joey Scout Challenge Award this year. This was achieved through completing foundational outdoor adventure skills, demonstrating leadership and teamwork, and participating in special areas of interest such as sports and the arts.

Five Cub Scouts (aged eight to 11) achieved their Grey Wolf Award by earning badges for activities of their choice and demonstrating leadership skills through planning and leading a series of activities, including a hike.

Three Scouts (aged 11 to 15) achieved the Australian Scout Medallion, and one earned the Australian Scout Award. These awards were achieved through consistent demonstration of skills in a variety of adventurous activity areas, planning and leading activities, including a multi-day hike, and completing a leadership and personal development course.

Finally, two Venturer Scouts (aged 15 to 18) achieved their Queens Scout Award. The Venturers completed several activities such as supporting charity and community events, participating in special areas of interest, leading expeditions, environmental care and supporting the youth programs within Scouts. In addition, the Venturers completed Leadership and Unit Management courses. They earned qualifications in many areas, such as first aid and water rescue.

The Manly-Lota Scout Group is very proud of the dedication and efforts of the youth members who achieved their Peak Awards in 2022. The recipients of these awards have consistently shown resilience, perseverance and a commitment to the youth program.

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