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Photo: Supplied.


For more than 20 years, Manly Harbour Village has undergone significant changes, embracing the growth and fusion of two local businesses, Julien Star Photography and Ebb+Flow Boutique. Both enterprises, with their distinctive stories, have become integral parts of this coastal community.

In 2003, the little old newsagency in Manly was transformed into the award-winning studio of Julien Star Photography. Founded in 2000, this visionary enterprise quickly became a thriving fixture in the community, known for its innovative photography, earning both awards and a loyal following.

The integration of Julien Star Photography with Ebb+Flow in 2013 marked a significant chapter in Manly Harbour Village’s history. This fusion seamlessly blended the studio’s spirit with the boutique’s ethos of providing curated, memorable pieces in a relaxing and comfortable environment. The result is a boutique recognised for its handpicked coastal fashion, lifestyle items, and unique giftware.

As Julien Star Photography and Ebb+Flow Boutique mark their 20-year and decade anniversaries respectively, it’s not just a celebration of time but a tribute to their resilience. To commemorate these milestones, Ebb+Flow, along with artist Libby Watkins, launched a special keepsake – a tea towel showcasing the beauty of Manly Harbour Village and Moreton Bay. This thoughtful creation encapsulates the essence of the coastal haven where Ebb+Flow thrives, serving as a token of gratitude to the community.

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