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Doug McDonald, Janet Moore, Sandy McDonald, Christian McDonald, Jenny Bradley, Susan Bradley.

One family has been so entrenched in the bayside community for more than five decades, it’s hard to imagine the area without them. So it’s with more than a tinge of sadness that we say goodbye to the McDonald family, as they hand over the lease of The Manly Hotel to its new custodians, Endeavour Group.

A chapter in Manly’s history is about to close as Sandy, Jenny, and Doug McDonald hand over the lease to The Manly Hotel’s new licensees after 51 years.

This is more than just a bricks and mortar pub; it’s an iconic institution where milestone memories have been made, careers forged and friendships endured.

“Working at The Manly, where everybody knows Sandy, Jenny and Doug, is like being a part of an even bigger family than the McDonald clan,” said Janet Moore, niece to Jenny, Sandy and Doug McDonald. “A strong, community-minded spirit is in everything we do and it has been a privilege to get to know the locals who feel so at home at The Manly.”

Janet recalls many happy memories of the extended family celebrations that have taken place at the pub over the last 51 years.

“The first big one would have been Doug’s 21st back in 1970, and 49 years later it was time to celebrate Doug’s 70th. How time flies!”

Endeavour will take the reins on October 1, which marks the start of the group’s new 50-year lease.

And while it’s sad to see the McDonald family go, the community can look forward to many more celebrations and good cheer under the hospitality of The Manly Hotel’s new custodians.

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