Mock blaze at Bulldogs clubhouse tests fire crews - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Shaun McAney and Station Officer Jason Burnham. Photo: Supplied.


As Redland locals, we know that when we call on our Fire and Rescue services for help in an emergency, they’ll be there for us in our time of need.

So when the fire service in turn reached out to Capalaba Football Club for assistance, the Bulldogs were only too happy to offer their John Fredericks Park venue.

The clubhouse is being used as the stage for mock fire and rescue exercises. When assessing a firefighter for a promotion to Senior Firefighter, these simulation exercises put their incident control skills to the test.

Station Officer Jason Burnham said they “throw everything” at the firefighter during the assessment.

“We put him under quite a bit of stress, people coming at him from all angles – as happens at a real fire,” he said.

“The scenario is that a fire has broken out inside the venue, and two people are still missing inside.”

“We do these all around Brisbane, but this is a really good building for what we’re assessing. It’s a great open venue, and we can stay out of the public’s way while we’re working. We hope to continue using it for some of our future exercises,” he said.

Capalaba Football Club president Shaun McAney said it was an example of the club’s community focus.

“Our Under 10s manager is a firey, so we heard through him that they were looking for a venue, and we were happy to help,” he said.

“In return they’ve offered to bring some trucks down for our Pink Day charity fundraiser later this year; the kids will love it.”

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