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Greys 2nd Chance is a greyhound rescue group with a difference. Like other rescue groups, G2C rescues and rehomes greyhounds in need of loving, forever homes. However, this not-for-profit organisation also focuses on education, outreach, and advocacy for a breed of dog that often suffers from a lack of genuine welfare in a poorly regulated industry.

Greys 2nd Chance runs a free program called ‘Chat and Pat’, in which members of the group and their ‘ambassador greyhounds’ visit workplaces, schools and other communities to raise awareness of the plight of these beautiful and largely misunderstood dogs.

“People meeting a greyhound for the first time are often surprised at just how sweet and friendly they really are,” says G2C Chat and Pat volunteer Evie Tavio.

“In the public’s perception, greyhounds are bred to be racers. Because they are muzzled at the track and trained to chase, people often assume the breed is aggressive, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, they are gentle and affectionate dogs who just want a comfy couch and to be loved as part of a family.”

As many as 18,000 greyhounds are injured annually on Australian racetracks, while still more are discarded once their racing days end. Rescue groups have difficulty keeping pace with the rate dogs need rehoming.

“The gorgeous dogs are definitely the stars of the show,” says Evie. “And if we can change just one mind and win just one heart, then our Chat and Pat visit was definitely worthwhile.”

If you would like to arrange a Chat and Pat visit at your workplace or community, visit the G2C website:

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